Storyboards from Pocahontas by Glen Keane




this could be us but u a video game character

Doesn’t that make YOU the one that’s playin

Shit. shit. It was ME playin all along. Dammit


I think I won the entire game


I think I won the entire game

There was a little loose wire on it that every time it lit up, was just sending an electric current into my body, so if I seem shocked in the movie, that’s why.


Okay, but if any fandom is truly terrifying, it’s the Kingdom Hearts fandom. A lot of us have been following the series since it came out in 2002 and we’re just so patient at this point we’re like fuckin assassins. We hide in plain sight and when there’s an update we just lose our minds and everyone else just wonders what the fuck happened while we tear the whole goddamn world apart out of pure unadulterated joy from a minute and a half long trailer.


tamagotchi sonic is so cute omg


someone reminds me that I drew trainer things really while ago by Colors! on NDS.

Draw them on 2008.10.24 and 2009.5.13

( maybe my doodles in this terms were better than now hahaha)


Meh tried using hard black lines